SAAQ tackles driver fatigue in a godly manner

Lg2 Montreal has turned to the Greek gods for an awareness campaign about the dangers of driver fatigue for the Sociéte de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ).

The French-language campaign is led by a 30-second spot featuring Morpheus, best known as the Greek god of sleep. It shows him cradling a sleeping man while talking directly to camera about how he’s an expert at putting tired drivers to sleep. The problem, he says, is that the drivers often don’t wake up after an accident.

The spot ends with Morpheus abruptly dropping the driver, before quick-cutting to him being jolted awake by the sound of a truck horn. The spot concludes with a super reading “stop fatigue before fatigue stops you.”

According to SAAQ, driver fatigue is among the leading causes of accidents in the province, with an average of 79 deaths and 7,841 injuries per year resulting from accidents where fatigue was a factor.

The goal of the campaign is to show that fatigue is not solely related to long-distance driving, but also to atypical schedules, family responsibilities and shorter winter days.

Chris Powell