Swoop hoodies come with a free flight

Over the past couple of years, we’ve written a number of times about brands releasing clothing lines. Most, like Heinz, Tim Hortons, and James Ready, possessed a quirky tongue-in-cheek sensibility.

But arguably the most successful was the Ontario Lottery Corporation’s “Dream Drop” (by FCB), which gave customers free Lotto Max tickets for a year.

Now, WestJet’s low-cost carrier brand Swoop has joined in with what it’s calling “The Warmest Hoodie Ever.” The hoodie itself is pretty standard, except its $99 price tag comes with a $500 voucher for a round-trip airfare to any of the 13 warm and sunny destinations Swoop flies.

“It’s safe to say most Canadians dream about hitting the beach at some point during the winter,” said David Giovando, group creative director at WestJet’s agency, Oliver. “The Warmest Hoodie Ever makes it easier and more affordable than ever—reinforcing Swoop’s core brand values.”

Swoop put 100 of the hoodies up for sale on Wednesday (Feb. 22), and not surprisingly the website revealed they were all gone by the afternoon. “But don’t fret, we still have tons of cheap flights to hot places,” the website informed visitors.

David Brown