DoorDash slows it all down for customers in chaos

Who: DoorDash Canada, with Hard Work Club for strategy and creative; No Fixed Address for out-of-home creative; Alfredo Films for production (directed by Lonan Garcia); Outsider and Studio Feather for post-production; SNDWRx for audio; Wavemaker for media.

What: “Get More From Your Neighbourhood,” a brand campaign informing consumers that DoorDash can make their lives easier by delivering more than just restaurant meals.

When & Where: The campaign launched March 1, with TV, digital/social, OOH and influencer.

Why: Two themes have been featured in DoorDash’s Canadian marketing since 2020: its connections to local neighbourhoods, and the ways it can reduce stress for busy people. Those themes are both woven into this new campaign, with the core message that DoorDash can play an important role in people’s lives by providing a wide selection of products for easy and fast delivery.

How: The TV/OLV creative features characters in three different scenarios—prepping for a dinner party, the challenges of new parenthood, and a teen who’s heart has been broken—where life seems to be hurtling out of control.

In each spot, the hero taps the DoorDash app to order much-needed essentials, and the chaos instantly slows down (even the projectile vomit of a newborn). The DoorDasher arrives delivering the essentials, and the hero moves at hyperspeed to solve the challenge they are facing, restoring order and serenity.

Photo by Vincenzo Pistritto Photo

“We’ve leaned into relatable moments and the insight of giving yourself permission to deliver anything you might need,” said Meghan Kraemer, co-founder and executive creative director, Hard Work Club. “Executionally, we played on the superpower we all wish that we had in those pressure-cooker moments—freezing time so you can get everything done the way you want it. We took these relatable occasions and pushed them into the extreme visually.”

Like its earlier work for DoorDash, the creative features a “strong colour palette and visual hyperbolic identity,” said Kraemer.

“We also believe in the power of sound to help reinforce the message and breakthrough to viewers. This year, we created a banger rendition of “Reach out, (I’ll Be There)” by the Four Tops, to reinforce the message that delivery support is just one click away.”

The outdoor: A different approach was employed for the outdoor campaign by NFA. The “guerrilla style” creative uses the “Dash That” tagline, with arrows pointing at ads for a range of the locally available products DoorDash can deliver.

“We coordinated with a variety of DoorDash partners—Sephora, Shoppers, Cactus Club, Wendy’s, 7-Eleven, etc—each representing a different sector of what you can now dash from your neighbourhood,” explained Allegra Wiesenfield, senior copywriter, NFA. Then they simply divided the media space, with part of it going to the brand available for delivery, and the rest going to DoorDash.

“DoorDash now delivers pretty much everything, including all the products you’d find on billboards around your neighbourhood,” said Alexis Bronstorph, Co-CCO, at No Fixed Address, in a release. “Building on the brilliant campaign the DoorDash team put together, we saw a fun opportunity to do the unexpected and turn these everyday ads into DoorDash delivery ads.”

David Brown