Corona’s sun-and-sand solution to travel turmoil

Corona Canada has launched a new campaign and contest offering a chance for an all-expenses paid trip to Corona Island in the Caribbean.

“Corona Lost & Found” is inspired by the recent chaos and stress experienced by many Canadian travellers over the holiday season, where lost luggage stories were common. With many people taking to Twitter to voice their displeasure, Corona Canada is meeting them there, responding to their tweets (more than 100 so far) with “I feel your pain” expressions of sympathy, and an invitation to enter the contest for a chance to win the grand prize trip to Corona Island.

While Corona is using Twitter and the lost luggage tweets of Canadians to raise awareness, the contest is actually open to anyone, and is being further amplified through other social media, influencer, digital and OOH media.

“The ability to disconnect from our busy lives and reconnect with nature is a core value for Corona, and was ultimately the inspiration behind building Corona Island,” said Mike Bascom, senior marketing director, Corona Canada, in a release. “With a recent increase in travel stressors—whether it’s lost luggage or delayed or missed flights—we wanted to encourage Canadians to share their travel mishaps with us for the chance to find paradise with a trip to Corona Island.”

Corona introduced Corona Island in late 2021, part of its global marketing platform that manifests the brand’s connection to the beach and its commitment to nature, natural brewing, sustainability, and saving the environment.

“Corona Island’s natural environment and guest experience is a direct extension of the brand,” read the release introducing Corona Island. “ A vast majority of people spend their time indoors and this experience takes visitors out of their daily monotony, helping them to coexist in natural beauty. Disconnecting to reconnect is the intention behind this holistic experience.”

David Brown