Country Harvest is magnanimous about being overlooked for an Oscar

A heavy favourite, Everything Everywhere All At Once cleaned up at the Oscars on Sunday night—winning Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Picture. But one important character from the movie, an everything bagel, wasn’t even nominated.

Country Harvest and its agency Rethink decided to have some fun with the movie’s awards haul, with an Instagram post congratulating the EEAAO winners accompanied by an image of Country Harvest Everything Bagels with googly eyes on the bag. Anyone posting a googly-eyed bagel bag and tagging Country Harvest is being rewarded with a coupon for more Everything Bagels.

Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, but has heard it features a mind-bending plot, may doubt that something as innocuous and as an everything bagel could be important in such a surreal movie. But they’d be wrong. Screenrant explains that “the bagel also becomes symbolic of despair once one discovers the hollowness of their existence.”

So yeah, important part indeed.

Still, the Country Harvest post keeps it fairly light, with the googly eyes (another important symbol in the movie) making it appear more kooky than a symbol of hopelessness. The googly-eyed bagel is a playful and timely little activation that can probably leverage some of the EEAAO attention while the buzz is loudest.

David Brown