These Purdys chocolates are paw-picked

Enlisting animals like octopi, and assorted zoo animals to pick the winner of major sports events has become something of a tradition in recent years. Now Canadian chocolatier Purdys has expanded that concept to a new Easter-themed product called the “Bunny’s Choice Gift Box.”

Selling for $23, the box features 16 chocolates that were “paw-picked” by no less an expert than the Easter Bunny—actually a rabbit that had been trained to make selections with its nose and then turned loose in a miniature replica of a Purdy’s chocolate factory.

Footage of the selection process was captured for a video that started running on TV today (March 15), supported by cutdowns appearing on social platforms including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. The creative campaign was developed by Rethink.

“At Purdys, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best chocolate experience possible — from developing innovative chocolate creations to hand-picking the best assortment of chocolates for every gift box,” said Purdys master chocolatier Rachel McKinley in a release. “This year, we partnered with the most trusted expert in Easter chocolates to help create the Bunny’s Choice Gift Box.”

The limited-edition Bunny’s Choice Gift Box will be available online and in Purdys shops across Canada starting today.

A media event promoting the product and the campaign was held at Vancouver’s Bunny Cafe this week, while Purdys has also made a $5,000 donation to Rabbitats, a B.C. charity dedicated to helping abandoned and feral rabbits.

Chris Powell