DoorDash’s streaky campaign for McDonald’s

While McDonald’s is available for delivery in Toronto via a number of apps, DoorDash has launched a new campaign suggesting it can deliver its food so fast, it’s beautiful.

Developed by No Fixed Address, the concept for “Faster Food,” is closeups of two iconic McDonalds sandwiches—the Big Mac and Egg McMuffin—but viewed at such high speed that they become motion blurred.

The effect is bright, eye-catching, streaks of colour which present slightly abstract images of the two sandwiches, with the DoorDash and McDonald’s logos the lone words on the ads.

If not instantly recognizable, the posters are meant to cause passersby to pause and ponder, providing an extra moment of engagement that should pay off once they realize the lines of colour are actually ingredients in a Big Mac or Egg McMuffin.

“McDonald’s menu items are globally recognized, so you don’t need to say a lot to tell the story,” explained Alexis Bronstorph, co-chief creative officer at No Fixed Address.

“There was no actual photography or food,” she told The Message. “The visuals were vector illustrated by the team, with senior art director Reid Plaxton colour-picking all the shadows and highlights of all the different layers of the food.”

The campaign is running in Toronto throughout March. It launched with static wild postings and OOH, followed by animated digital takeovers in Yonge-Dundas Square and Union Station, which launched March 15.

“These posters evoke movement and a feeling of rushing by,” said Reid Plaxton, NFA senior art director, in a release. “But each poster is grounded in the iconic colours of its hero offering.”

The colour combination of the Big Mac was also the inspiration for another recent campaign by McDonald’s where Gen Z creators were asked to produce artwork using the Big Mac colour palette.

David Brown