Tangerine goes through hoops to show it’s ‘refreshingly uncomplicated’

Who: Tangerine, with Rethink for strategy and creative; OPC for production (Nick Ball directing); Nimiopere, Colour Collective and Stare Crazy for post-production; PHD Canada for media.

What: “Jumping Through Hoops,” a new campaign that represents Rethink’s first major brand work for Scotiabank’s online banking brand since becoming its AOR partner in 2022. It is described as the anchor in a new brand platform reimagining its longstanding Forward Banking positioning.

When & Where: The national campaign launched on March 6, and is running through May across TV (including last Sunday’s Oscar’s telecast), online video and social.

Why: Most people are accustomed to jumping through hoops with their bank, but with this campaign, Tangerine is arguing that it doesn’t need to be that way. According to Rethink, the goal was to show Canadians that there is “refreshingly uncomplicated” option for their banking—a streamlined, user-friendly, alternative to the unnecessary complication they’ve come to know.

“Life’s complicated enough. Your banking shouldn’t be,” said Tangerine CMO Nicole German. “We wanted to get that point across in a simple way, and as we explored hoops, and what they represent, the campaign came to life. Our goal was to show mundane bureaucracy in contrast to the simplicity of banking with Tangerine.”

How: Directed by Nick Ball, who also helmed this year’s “The Troll” spot for IKEA Canada and Extra gum’s acclaimed “For When it’s Time,” the 30-second lead spot is set in a washed-out dystopian world where people literally have to jump through hoops just to get through their day.

Soundtracked by the 1970 song “Love You,” by the sunshine pop band Free Design, the spot is focused on a man who German described as “the most exhausted looking man in the world” as he makes his way through the drudgery of a typical day, only to find freedom with the Tangerine app.

The Oscars tie-in: Color Collective co-founder Alex Bickle, who worked on the spot, also graded the Oscar-winning picture Everything Everywhere All At Once.

And we quote: “We thought through every creative detail with ‘jumping through hoops’ in mind. The set design had to be totally bleak. For our main talent, we found the most exhausted looking man in the world. For music, we needed a song that was hopeful in contrast to the visuals. Those choices build to when our main character finds a better way to get around hoops.” — Nicole German, CMO, Tangerine

Chris Powell