Co-operators thinks small for a big message

Who: Co-operators, with Angry Butterfly for creative and strategy; Noble Content for production; and Epitaph for media.

What: A campaign raising awareness for a new quote and buy tool that lets people get home and auto insurance online in minutes. It’s the first campaign from Angry Butterfly since being awarded a large chunk of the Co-operators business over the past several months.

When & Where: The national campaign launched this week, and will run through the spring. Media includes targeted digital and video, with print adaptations for advisors.

Why: The ease and convenience of the new offering had to be the focus of the new campaign, with a goal of driving new signs ups.

“It was important for the idea to not only stand out, but also align with the business objective, which this work does both so wonderfully,” said Cindy Wong, vice-president, marketing and communications for Co-operators, in a release. “The team did an incredible job and we are confident this campaign will drive the results we’re looking for.”

How: The campaign is built around the creative idea of a miniature home or automobile setting, where an online device—the tool used to get the quote—is the central visual element: a mobile phone is a giant wall-mounted TV, for example, while a laptop is the movie screen at a drive-in. There are four different executions in total, two for home and two for auto.

“This ensures the viewer takes-in both the online proposition and context, but also the simplicity and convenience message that encourages getting a quote and buying in minutes,’ said Brent Choi, CEO of Angry Butterfly which is also handling Co-operators’ commercial and business insurance, life, wealth, group benefits, sponsorship, and brand.

At first glance, the viewer may think the setting is real, said Choi. “As the videos come to life, the craft and attention to detail really engages the viewer to discover more within the scene.

“While great effort was taken, the story and scenes are simple, so the brand is able to have a playfulness that connects to consumers and rewards them for spending time with the story.”

And we quote: “I’m very proud of the work as it’s not only clutter-breaking, but also delivers so clearly on our strategy of speed and convenience… The attention to detail in every execution is a joy to watch over and over again.” —Sunita Raj, AVP integrated marketing, planning and performance, Co-Operators

David Brown