Pizza Pizza introduces the ‘Dip Roller’

From stuffed crust and increasingly adventurous toppings, to robot delivery, and fixed-rate pricing, we are living in a truly wondrous age for pizza innovation.

Now Pizza Pizza has come rolling up with a new tool that turns dipping sauce into rolling sauce. Developed by Zulu Alpha Kilo, the “Dip Roller” looks like a scaled-down version of a paint roller, right down to the adorably small tray for customers to store the dip in.

While we personally think dipping sauce is an abomination (an opinion shared by others) it has become something of a pizza mainstay.

In fact, Pizza Pizza—which calls itself “a leader in Canadian pizza dipping”—cites a recent survey in which 70% of respondents says its an important factor when deciding where to order pizza, and more than 60% said they dip their entire slice.

Pizza Pizza claims the Dip Roller will enable customers to evenly apply dipping sauce to their slice. “[W]e know the challenges that come with evenly applying Creamy Garlic dip to a triangular pizza slice,” said vice-president of marketing Adrian Fuoco. “There had to be a better way.”

The Dip Roller is being launched through a national campaign that includes online video, social, digital and out-of-home, while a limited number of rollers are available at through April 30 and through drops across the company’s social channels.

The pizza chain actually owes a debt to another Canadian, a man named Norman Breakey, who is credited with inventing the paint roller around 1940. Breakey died before receiving a patent for his invention, but a plaque commemorating his achievement can be found in his hometown of Pierson, Manitoba.

Paid media for the campaign was handled by Media Experts, with spPR for public relations.

Chris Powell