Turkey is also fighting ‘ketchup fraud’

Apparently, there’s a whole LOT of Heinz Ketchup fraud going on out there. This week, we wrote about a U.S. campaign developed by Rethink called “Ketchup Fraud,” which called out restaurants for replacing the ketchup in their empty Heinz bottles with a rival brand.

We thought it was a fun little story, but weren’t expecting it to quickly becoming one of the most widely read in The Message history, attracting readers from all over the world. That includes Turkey, whose Wunderman Thompson office sent us some information about its own efforts to curb “ketchup fraud.”

The campaign launched on social media with a series of images showing the “fake” Heinz Ketchup served in restaurants across the country asking “Is that Heinz?” The agency also created a downloadable Instagram filter that lets users check the colour of the ketchup in their bottle, turning people into what it calls “the Heinz police.” Bottles featuring the new label have been distributed to different restaurants across the country.

“We wanted to put an end to this so-called ‘ketchup fraud’ and create an innovative solution that will help customers identify whether they’re eating the real deal, or whether it’s an imposter,” said Wunderman Thompson Turkey creative director Onur Kutluer.

Stay tuned to The Message as we continue to bring you all of the latest developments in the war against ketchup fraud.


Chris Powell