An AC/DC-inspired surgical tool

Last year, a German study found that surgeons perform some tasks up to 70% quicker, without any impact on accuracy, while listening to AC/DC songs in the operating room. You might say that listening to the Aussie hard rockers turned them into a fast machine.

The researchers found that certain songs by artists like AC/DC, The Beatles and Jim Hendrix reduced the time needed for surgeons to make precision cuts from 236 seconds to 139, while improving accuracy by 5% (hell’s bells, that seems significant).

Toronto-based agency Klick Health has used the study findings as the basis for a new campaign for U.S. health organization NextMed Health. Working with what it describes as “some of the world’s best AC/DC tribute musicians,” it created Highway to Heal, an 11-song album spoofing some of the band’s best-known songs that is designed to be played—presumably at maximum volume—in operating rooms.

The album features reworked versions of several AC/DC songs, including the title song; “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll),” which has been reimagined as “It’s a Short Stop at the Doc (If You Wanna Chop a Mole)”; “TNT” (“EKG”); and “You Shook Me All Night Long,” reimagined as “You Sewed Me All Night Long.”

The album will be available on Lifesaving Radio, which Klick describes as “the world’s first AI-powered healthcare radio station,” featuring an AI-powered DJ named “AI Angus” (a reference to AC/DC’s lead guitarist, Angus Young). The cover art features a stylized scalpel evoking the lightning bolt in the band’s iconic logo, complete with the SR/GN engraving.

Lifesaving Radio promises surgical teams a personalized listening experience by inviting them to enter their name, hospital, and operation type. AI Angus then delivers personalized shout-outs between tracks and commentary as they operate on patients.

“In my OR, it’s music that sets the stage for our rhythm and timing. Good energy, no stress, good vibes–that’s what makes a happy and efficient OR,” said Dr. Robert Masson, a neurological spine surgery specialist, in a release. “I love how Highway to Heal can help our surgical teams achieve a non-verbal flow state to reach peak surgical performance–ultimately improving patient outcomes.”

Chris Powell