Forget haute cuisine, here comes haute candy

Who: Quebec confectionary company Mondoux, with LG2 for strategy and creative; Fuze Reps for production; Yeah Films and Grayson Media for post-production; Touché for media

What: A new social-led campaign for the company’s flagship product, Sweet Sixteen candy mix, positioning it as “the candy mix for connoisseurs.”

When & Where: The campaign launched this week, running across social channels.

Why: The campaign comes as Mondoux is looking to make inroads with consumers across Canada after focusing primarily on Quebec since its formation in 1967. The brand plans to expand across Canada and eventually the U.S., but will focus on Ontario to start.

“To do that, we needed a campaign that would communicate both the fun and quality that comes with every bag of Sweet Sixteen gummies,” said Mondoux’s sales and marketing director, Stéphanie Léger.

How: The creative uses a series of social videos that shows Sweet Sixteen “plated” on fine china, as an announcer with a plummy English accent talks about candies like cherry turtles, green frogs and moon berries in a way that likens them to haute cuisine.

“The explosion of cherry dances wonderfully on the palate, followed by a splash of sweet and sour, finished with the earthy gumminess of the worm,” says one voiceover.

“The coolness of the berry infuses perfectly with the citrusy curiosity of the lime, until a sharp tartness sends a wave down your palate, making this combination a sublime symphony of flavours” says another.

And we quote: “The campaign started with the idea that there’s a different combination of fun in every bag. And because Sweet Sixteen gummies are unabashedly premium, it led us to the notion of the candy mix for connoisseurs.” — Jeff Cheung, creative director, LG2


Chris Powell