TD shows how safe rides are joy rides

Who: TD Insurance, with Ogilvy for creative and strategy; Soft Citizen for production (The Sacred Egg directing); Final Cut, Alter Ego, and The Mill for post-production; Vapor Music for audio; and Unison for media.

What: “Thrill Your Ride,” a new campaign for the bank’s Claims Free Reward program that shows just how thrilling safe can be.

When & Where: The campaign launched April 3 and will run through June 18 in Ontario, Alberta and Atlantic Canada. Media includes TV (a :30 and a :15), digital / social and out of home.

Why: “Driving differentiation is crucial to a brand’s success,” said Alan Wen, vice-president, marketing for TD Insurance. The Claims Free Reward program—reduced rates up to as much as 35% for anyone who goes one year without a claim—is one way TD provides unique value to its clients, which is particularly important right now.

“In today’s environment, consumers are more price-conscious than ever before, and this is another example of how TD is helping Canadians save on insurance,” said Wen. TD and Ogilvy wanted a campaign that illustrates how thrilling it can be to save money while driving safely.

How: The creative illustrates how TD wants to “flip the script” on insurance. The anchor TV spot opens on an unremarkable mini-van driving safely along residential streets. When the middle-aged male driver turns on the radio, the music (the aptly named “Dangerous” by Big Data) instantly transforms the scene: the safe and conservative mini-van suddenly feels like a race car; the driver changes gears with a hot-rod stick-shift, and his brown sport coat is replaced by a leather jacket. Outside however, he is driving as safely as before.

“With TD Insurance, every safe drive feels like a thrill ride,” says a voiceover before explaining the 35% saving opportunity.

“As a driver, you don’t expect to be rewarded for safe driving,” said Ian Simpson, group creative director for TD. “Just as you don’t expect safe driving to feel exciting. We paired that unexpected feeling with the unexpected reward from TD Insurance to highlight that for safe drivers this is what it feels like to save money on car insurance.”

And we quote: “Creatively, we’ve juxtaposed safe driving with that thrilling feeling. In reality, you’re checking your blind spot and coming to a full stop, but you’re feeling cool and dangerous. You’re a safe driver who feels like Ryan Gosling in Drive. Ultimately your drive feels as thrilling as saving money on car insurance does.” —Ian Simpson, group creative director, TD



David Brown