Heinz tops first-ever Creative Power List brand rankings

No other brands could ketchup to Heinz in the first-ever brand rankings of the Institute of Canadian Agencies’ Creative Power List.

Heinz was the runaway leader in the list of top 100 brands, based on their performance in eight major domestic and international awards shows, including the Cannes Lions, CMA Awards, Effie Awards Canada and ADCC Awards. Heinz had nearly 1,000 more points than the runner, Pfaff Harley-Davidson.

Its position atop the rankings is no surprise given that agency partner Rethink’s work on behalf of the brand was a key factor in helping it top the Creative Power List for Canadian agencies last month.

Rethink’s work for the brand, such as “Draw Ketchup” and the “Heinz Hot Dog Pact,” was a winner at both domestic and international awards shows, while the ICA also said that its design-led “Pour Perfectly” and “Heinz AI Ketchup” initiatives also figured into the ranking.

Six of the top 10 brands in the rankings were non-profit organizations, including the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Over the Bridge, and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

Pfaff Harley-Davidson placed second largely on the basis of its “Tough Turban” work from Zulu Alpha Kilo, which, along with work for Campbell’s and Home Equity Bank, helped the agency move up nine spots to second overall in the agency rankings. IKEA Canada placed fifth overall.

“The ICA’s Creative Power List provides the first ranking of individual brand performance based on a transparent analysis of success at the international and national awards shows that really matter,” said ICA president and CEO Scott Knox in a release. “With all the evidence pointing to awarded creative work bringing much stronger business outcomes for brands, this performance has never been more important.”

The methodology for compiling the brand list closely following that of the agency rankings, conducted by the ICA’s Creative Power Group, alongside audit, tax, and consulting firm, Grant Thornton LLP. The full ranking of the top 100 brands can be seen here.

Chris Powell