BC Children’s Hospital shows the healing power of moms

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is showing the significant role mothers play in their child’s healthcare as part of a new wave of advertising in the “Small is Mighty” platform launched late last year.

Developed by One Twenty Three West, the “Mighty as a Mother” campaign is led by a 30-second spot depicting the small things mothers do for their kids when they’re sick—from lying beside them in a hospital bed, to shaving their head ahead of chemotherapy—demonstrating the sense of comfort, calm and reassurance they bring during a stressful time for their child.

The campaign debuted this week and is running through Mother’s Day.

“Parents and caregivers, and oftentimes moms in particular, are an essential part of a sick child’s health care and recovery,” said Surina Sproul, vice-president, marketing and communications at BC Children’s Hospital. “When your child is sick, you often feel powerless as a parent.

“This is a reminder that through the eyes of a child, those little acts of comfort, are mighty. The support of donors ensures we can deliver the most advanced treatments for kids, so moms can just focus on being moms.”

BC Children’s Hospital is the only hospital in the province specifically dedicated to child care, and serves the largest geographic region of any children’s hospital in North America. According to its most recent annual report, the hospital provided care to more than 138,000 children and received donations from more than 97,000 people.

“This platform was designed to be leveraged across every donor engagement opportunity throughout the year. From holiday giving campaigns to Mother’s Day,” said One Twenty Three West strategy director Jared Gill.

Chris Powell