Best Buy’s blue shirts wake up with tech

At a time when inflation and fears of a recession are making Canadians more mindful of how they spend their money on big-ticket items, Best Buy is emphasizing the value that comes from its Blue Shirts in a new campaign from DonerNorth.

“Getting the right advice is essential to getting the best tech for you at the best value,” said James Pelletier, director of marketing, Best Buy Canada. “That’s where the Best Buy Blue Shirts come in. They not only love tech; they live it. They are your reliable experts ready to match you with the perfect tech to make your life better.”

A TV spot to launch the campaign May 1 shows just how much the Best Buy employees know about the technology they sell, with one employee using it to turn his morning routine into a virtual dance party.

“The feel-good energy of this spot helps bring to life the ease that tech adds to our daily life,” says Jill Mack, creative director at DonerNorth. “It helps to demonstrate the expertise of the Best Buy Blue Shirts in a way that feels fresh and unexpected. They’re the best source of tech advice because they live and breathe tech from the moment they wake up.”


David Brown