AtlanTick puts its best butt(s) forward in awareness push

Who: AtlanTick Repellent Products, with Ray for strategy and creative; Pulse Media & Consulting for the out-of-home and transit media buy; Mobile Guest for digital media.

What: “Show Some Skin,” an introductory campaign for the naturally derived tick and mosquito repellent.

When & Where: The campaign launched on May 1 (its debut timed to coincide, we’re told, with World Naked Gardening Day) and runs for four weeks across out-of-home, transit, digital and social media.

Why: According to Ray, there is currently a gap in the market for consumers seeking an effective tick and mosquito repellant that is also 100% natural (ie: DEET-free). As a new regional brand, AtlanTick knew it needed to make an immediate impact through bold creative.

How: Tick and mosquito protection typically requires long sleeves and knee-length socks, but the creative from Ray demonstrates AtlanTick’s effectiveness by showing nude people in a variety of settings—such as hiking, gardening, golfing and, er, horseback riding—confident it will keep the bitey things at bay.

A dialogue-free video spot shows “Brent” hiking through the woods, alone except for the birds chirping and insects buzzing. He sits down on a log and begins methodically removing his clothes, accompanied by rhythmic music punctuated by the sound of creatures buzzing. Naked except for his hiking boots and socks, he sprays himself with AtlantTick and resumes his hike as the super “Don’t be afraid to show some skin” appears on-screen, followed by the product name and logo.

And we quote: “We thought this of all the concepts presented might be the most bold or tough to sell, but they were all in with us and completely embraced the creative process. A dream client for any creative agency!” — Josh Tucker, account director, business development lead, Ray

Chris Powell