Wegert returns to Media Experts as CEO

Media Experts is welcoming back a familiar face, with Karel Wegert returning as CEO after spending the past year as president of sister agency Kinesso Canada.

Wegert succeeds Robert Jenkyn, who spent 13 years with Media Experts in two separate stints that sandwiched roles at Microsoft and The Globe and Mail.  He returned to the agency as executive vice-president in 2016, taking over as president in 2017.

“I am deeply conscious of the high bar that past leaders at Media Experts have set, and I appreciate the strong base of culture, care, and innovation that already exists within this agency,” said Wegert. “My objective is to safeguard and nurture the elements that have always made this agency unique while also ensuring that we are prepared for sustained success in the face of ongoing industry changes, particularly in the realm of digital transformation.”

Wegert first joined Media Experts in 2007, and became a key figure in building the company’s reputation as a digital innovator. In addition to helping it become Canada’s first Google-certified media agency, he also launched Canada’s first agency programmatic trading desk, Xpeto, and oversaw the rollout of its audience and analytics practice.

He was appointed executive vice-president in 2020, before joining Kinesso, IPG’s connected intelligence company, early last year.

IPG Mediabrands CEO Graham Moysey said that Wegert’s ability to build advanced business solutions for customers made him an essential part of the company’s growth, as well as a trusted resource for clients and a respected leader within the industry.

“We are excited to see how Karel will build on Media Experts’ tremendous legacy and continue to advance the agency’s offerings, which will play a critical role in our success as a network moving forward,” he said.

Wegert, who officially took over as CEO on May 1, said that one of his goals is to continue to build on Media Experts traditional strengths of agility and ability to quickly adapt.

“The best leaders I have worked with are able to articulate their vision in a way that inspires their teams to take ownership and responsibility for it. They lead by example and stay closely connected to both clients and the teams who are on the front lines every day,” he said.

“[O]ur agency is blessed with an accomplished group of senior leaders who I have had the privilege of working with for several years. By fostering alignment and collaboration among this team, we can gain a competitive edge and execute the strategies necessary for future success. After all, the success of an agency doesn’t just depend on its CEO but also on the collective efforts of its leadership team.”

In a LinkedIn post announcing his departure, Jenkyn praised the network’s culture of “care, community, and possibilities” created by founder Mark Sherman. “I have never known a business that was so highly successful, but also more open, supportive, energetic, and encouraging, before or since,” he wrote.

Wegert said that both Sherman and Jenkyn were major figures in his career development. Sherman, he said, was a “visionary” whose approach to media was innovative, unique and successful. “He taught me to question everything, and that success lies more in doing the right thing rather than the easy thing.”

He described Jenkyn, who he worked alongside for nearly 15 years, as an “inspiring and human leader who is loved by anyone who has ever crossed paths with him. [H]s balance between deep-craft knowledge and honest, transparent communication has shaped the way I approach any situation.”

Among Jenkyn’s superpowers, he added, was his knack for one-liners. “He uses humour to settle a room and instantly connect with people better than anyone I’ve met.”

Chris Powell