These ‘glitchy’ farmers are promoting duBreton’s all-natural products

It feels like you can’t read the news these days without coming across another story about the huge advancements in artificial intelligence.

But while technologies like AI seem poised to transform and reshape all aspects of society, there’s still no substitute for the real in some things. Like food.

That’s the message organic pork producer duBreton is attempting to convey in a new Facebook and Instagram campaign that launched in Quebec last week.

Developed by Cossette’s Quebec office, the Quebec-focused “Artificial” campaign features a series of talking head-style interviews with (wholly AI-generated) pork producers who claim to produce all-natural products, except their delivery feels ever-so-slightly “off.”

Their mouth doesn’t quite seem to match the words they’re saying, there’s a slight jerkiness to their movements, and their eyes blink unnaturally.

“I’m a pork producer,” says one farmer. “I produce natural pork,” adds another.” The spot continues with two other farmers who boast about producing natural products in a decidedly unnatural manner, before cutting to a shot of a human producer, who says “When it’s artificial, it’s nowhere near as good,” and explains that all of duBreton’s products are organic and contain nothing artificial. “Now that’s intelligent,” he says.

“Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary technology that’s generating tremendous excitement,” said Cossette creative director Richard Rochette-Villeneuve. “However, while the prowess of AI is indeed impressive, it’s often possible to quickly detect an artificially produced text, image or video.

“We used that as a creative springboard to highlight the fact that the same often goes for food. At duBreton, the meat is certified 100% organic and there’s absolutely nothing artificial in their products.”

Chris Powell