Oh Henry! turns shopper marketing into a ‘feeding frenzy’

FCB is trying to create “feeding frenzies” across Canada this month in a new campaign for the Oh Henry! chocolate bar.

Once a week throughout May, a mass text will go out to thousands of Canadians who signed up to take part, giving them one hour to buy an Oh Henry! at a Circle K store for the chance to win cash prizes up to $1,000.

While shopper marketing activations tend to be solitary experiences—an individual redeeming a coupon etc.—FCB said the idea for a shared shopper experience came from the now defunct online game HQ Trivia. “You’d drop whatever you were doing to participate with millions of people all at the same time,” said senior art director, Hussein Rumaithi.

“Feeding Frenzy” is an extension of the brand’s latest “Hunger Happens” campaign. Launched last month on TV, in cinema and on social, the campaign playfully reminds Canadians that everyone eventually gets hungry for a snack.

The 15-second spot features the brand’s puppet mascot Hank (introduced in 2021) showing up at a series of awkward moments and offering a man an Oh Henry! “Hungry now,” he asks. The man keeps declining until, eventually, he’s ready for the snack.

“The Feeding Frenzy program was grounded in this sense of spontaneity and the reality that hunger is inevitable,” said Susanne Hartkorn, associate marketing manager.

David Brown