RBC break dances (literally) in new promo spot

RBC is showing off some slick moves, like swiping and tapping, in a new dance-inspired spot promoting its digital banking functionality.

Created by Battery, “Viral Dance” shows three friends performing a TikTok-inspired dance, only for their over-enthusiasm to result in a broken picture frame. Adhering to the philosophy of no dancer left behind, the trio agrees to split the costs of the damage using the RBC Mobile app’s Split with Friends feature.

“We have all embraced the new digital era,” said Battery’s executive creative director, Scott Brown. “By using this storyline and the very human element of accidents happening, our message was able to unfold through lighthearted, fun creative that makes RBC stand out from other financial institutions.”

The spot is also promoting an offer of a free iPad for anyone switching banks. It is a follow-up to last year’s “Vibing” spot (also by Battery), which offered a pair of Apple iPods to anyone switching over.

“Together with iPad, we are revolutionizing the way people experience banking while embracing the spirit of fun, friendship, and cutting-edge technology,” said Sonia Whiteson, RBC’s VP of marketing. “We want to encourage everyone to experience the future of banking with Royal Bank of Canada.”

The spot is live now, running across TV, OLV, and social across Canada. The promotion runs through July 31.

Chris Powell