D2L and ZAK imagine a desk to fit any student

Not unlike the way automakers develop concept cars to demonstrate their creative vision for what a car could be, Canadian education technology company D2L has just introduced a concept desk of sorts.

Developed with Zulu Alpha Kilo and industrial designer Miles Keller, D2L calls the desk—which can be folded and shaped into a range of different configurations—a metaphor for how it believes learning can change the world, but should be personalized to meet individual student needs.

The desk is made from hinged panels that can be moved to create different shapes, said Zulu Alpha Kilo CCO Brian Murray. It can accommodate students who, for example, may prefer to stand, lay back and read, or work with other students.

They only made the one desk, which is featured in a video posted to YouTube, LinkedIn, Meta, Reddit, and Google’s DV360, with PR by Walker Sands.

“There is only one, but we all don’t want this to be the end,” said Murray. “D2L is considering the best path forward, including giving away the IP to a partner committed to manufacturing the desk or making the designs open source.”

“We’re also hoping that this is just the beginning of applying this thought process and design exploration to other elements of the classroom that haven’t evolved over time.”

“It’s a desk that’s different for every kid, because every kid is different,” said Keller in a release. “I’m hoping that with a little refinement, we might eventually see desks like this in classrooms around the world.”

David Brown