Robertson College urges workers not to quit their day job—not yet anyway

Who: Robertson College, with Brandish for strategy and creative; Enjoy Creative for production.

What: “Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Yet,” a campaign inviting workers to upgrade their skills at the private career college, which has campuses in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary.

When & Where: The campaign launched this week, running across television and social.

Why: There has been a pronounced drop in employee satisfaction post-pandemic, with a recent report saying that as many as half of Canadian workers plan to find a new job in 2023, up from 31% six months earlier. That number jumps to 56% among Gen Z and Millennial workers, and 62% among people who’ve been with the same company for two to four years.

The campaign’s objective is straightforward: convince those dissatisfied employees considering a career choice that Robertson can help them upgrade their skills.

How: The campaign is led by three 30-second spots, “Longing,” “Overworked” and “Bored,” all showing office workers who’ve become disillusioned by the monotony of their job, overbearing bosses, etc. In each spot, a Robertson College representative suddenly appears and urges them not to quit their day job, at least not yet.

Instead, he advises them that they can upgrade their skills online with Robertson. “Get your diploma, without missing a paycheque,” he says in each spot.

And we quote: “‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Yet,’ aims to shift perspectives on career changes. The campaign sets out to empower individuals at a crucial crossroads, showing them that this seemingly daunting leap is indeed attainable.” —  Emilié Carr, brand strategist, Brandish

Chris Powell