Canac takes a crack at restoring plumbers’ dignity

One of the unavoidable job hazards for plumbers is constantly bending over, leaving themselves exposed to wisecracks and sartorial stereotyping. Yes, we’re talking about plumber’s butt.

But Quebec hardware retailer Canac is proving it’s got them covered in a new campaign called “Dignity Denim.”

Creative agency LG2 imagined a solution to the plumber problem: jeans with a dignity restoring fabric addition that extends upward from the waist to cover the plumber’s modesty (ie. butt crack), no matter how much they bend over. The concept jeans playfully back up Canac’s brand promise to “help for real.”

“We say Canac helps for real because we really do–in every sense of the word,” said Patrick Delisle, marketing director for the 31-location chain, in a release. “When LG2 presented us with this original idea, we had no choice but to dive in headfirst and make it happen.”

While the real payoff from Dignity Denim will come from a humorous social video, presenting the jeans as high fashion, Canac and LG2 have made actual pairs of the jeans, which are being given away in a social contest.

“It takes a courageous client to embrace creativity and use it to provide concrete, off-the-beaten-path solutions,” said Luc Du Sault, partner, vice-president, executive creative director, LG2 Québec City. “Canac jumped at the chance to use this idea to promote not only the plumbing profession, but also to counter the prejudices associated with it.”

LG2 worked with production house Nova Film for the 60-second video, which was directed by Nicolas Brassard. Post production was by Studio Élément, with Studio Expression for sound and Médialliance for media.

David Brown