Fancy Feast creates a purr-fect playlist

The latest music from Toronto producer Nineteen85 is the cat’s meow. Well, technically it’s the cat’s purr, and it’s intended to help people deal with stress and anxiety.

The Grammy Award-winning producer, who produced Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and has also worked with Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson, has partnered with cat food brand Fancy Feast Canada on a new YouTube playlist called “Power of the Purr.”

The 26-minute playlist gives cat lovers more of what they love about cats: purrs. It features 10 instrumentals with titles like “CATastrophe,” “Flamencat,” and “No Hard Felines,” each underlaid with the sound of cats purring.

It is inspired by the idea that a purring cat has therapeutic effects. In fact, cats purring has also been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, with Scientific American noting that sound frequencies in this range (25 to 150 Hertz) are also capable of improving bone density and promoting healing. And we know from previous advertising that “cat love” is a thing.  

“As a producer, my ultimate goal is always to make music that makes people feel something and transport them,” said Nineteen85, in a release. “I’m very excited for Canadian cats and their families to move, groove and experience this unique collection of music, made with the goal of creating calming moments of connection.”

“The notion of creating calming moments of connection through auditory soundscapes is certainly a first for us,” said Mark Prusha, senior marketing manager at Fancy Feast’s parent, Nestle Purina Canada. “As a brand team, we are continually seeking out new opportunities to engage with consumers in ways that are relevant, yet unexpected and attention-grabbing.”

While “Power of the Purr,” is expected to have a halo effect on the Fancy Feast brand as a whole, it is promoting the new cat treats sub-brand Savoury Cravings, which launched last year.

The campaign is about helping Fancy Feast stand out in a cluttered category, said Prusha. “While any unconventional idea of this sort comes with a degree of risk, we believe this campaign still very much aligns with the Fancy Feast brand consumers know and love, and is an example of how we strive to evolve our messaging over time to stay relevant with next-gen consumers.”  

The brand is working with Instagram and TikTok influencers to create awareness of the playlist. The company has also created some “Power of the Purr” vinyl records that are being distributed to select media contacts. “We believe the physical vinyl record represents a unique and entertaining listening experience while also encouraging share-worthy content,” said Prusha.

Proof Strategies was the campaign lead, with IPG’s Thrive leading paid media.

Chris Powell