Oceana calls for a wave of change on World Ocean’s Day

A drop in the ocean might seem insignificant, but many drops can create a wave of change. That’s the message of a new campaign for Oceana Canada from Elemental, released just ahead of World Ocean’s Day (June 8).

People are increasingly demanding change to save the oceans from pollution and overfishing, says Oceans. But the charity, formed in 2015, is calling on more people to push the government for action to protect the oceans, while also celebrating the impact of people coming together to demand change.

“Our goal is to rally Canadians around the importance of protecting our oceans by becoming a wavemaker,” said Dustin Brown, partner and head of strategy at Elemental.

The 45-second film opens on a single drop of water, with a voiceover saying that some people call a single drop “powerless.”

“After all, what can a single drop accomplish?” she continues. Over scenes of ocean pollution and garbage-covered beaches, she runs through the daunting list of damage being done to the world’s oceans. “But when drops come together they create something unstoppable. They. Make. Waves,” she says. The rest of the spot explains the work being done by Oceana, and ends with a call for viewers to become a wavemaker, too.

“The insight for the campaign is to highlight how important each individual is in making a difference,” said Brown. “Sometimes these issues can seem overwhelming, and people are left feeling helpless and that they can’t make a difference as a single human being.

“We took this idea and turned it around to show how powerful a single person can be—represented by a drop.”

David Brown