Have your KitchenAid mixer and eat it too

Let them eat…a KitchenAid stand mixer? The appliance brand is using the popularity of a popular internet meme turned Netflix show to promote its products in a new campaign developed by Zulu Alpha Kilo.

Working with cake artist April Julian, star of the surprise hit Netflix show Is It Cake?, KitchenAid has created sponge cake simulacrums of some of its most famous products, including the iconic mixer—which has become a fixture on TV cooking shows and a huge part of the brand’s portfolio, selling a reported 2.5 million units each year.

In addition to the stand mixer, the 30-second video also shows Julian creating cake replicas of a KitchenAid stove and a fridge. “For those who love to create, this campaign is a reminder that the kitchen is a place of joy, discovery, and creativity—especially when KitchenAid appliances are involved,” said Janice Ryder, country manager, KitchenAid small appliances, in a release.

The “is it cake?” trend first came to prominence in 2020, when baking enthusiasts began posting videos (like, so many videos) of themselves cutting into objects that looked like anything BUT cake, including plants, Crocs, handbags, even human limbs.

It would go on to become an internet meme, with people jokingly suggesting it as a murder defence (“Your honor, in my client’s defense, she thought her husband was a cake”)  and something of an existential question (“What if I’m a cake and I don’t even know it?”).

Netflix launched the first season of Is It Cake? in 2022, with the show variously described as a “mindlessly brilliant hit” and “an insult to its own subject.”

“Making a tasty facsimile of an appliance with that appliance felt like the perfect expression of all that is possible with KitchenAid brand,” said Zulu Alpha Kilo’s creative director, Michael Siegers.

Chris Powell