BCSC is protecting ALL British Columbians

Who: The BC Securities Commission, with One Twenty Three West for strategy, creative and media; Alfredo Films for production (directed by Zac Ella); with Alter Ego for post production and Grayson Music for audio.

What: A new brand platform and awareness campaign reminding British Columbians that the regulator’s mission is to oversee the investment market in order to protect you and your family, as well as your dentist, your plumber, piano players, any magicians, falconers, or…

When & Where: The campaign is live now, running across online video, radio, and digital and social display.

Why: A key objective for BCSC was to convey that almost everyone has a stake in capital markets, and that through its four key pillars—regulation, oversight, education and enforcement—it’s watching out for everyone

“Many British Columbians think investing is only for rich people, or that the investment market is rigged against them,” said Pamela McDonald, BCSC director of communications and education in a release. “We want people to know that we’re working to keep the investment market fair and honest, so they see investing as a sound way to achieve their financial goals.”

How: The campaign is anchored by a nearly minute-long video that gets, as the agency puts it, “oddly specific” about who is protected by BCSC.

It opens with two BCSC employees in an office, working on their computers. “The B.C. Securities Commission is here to make the investment market work for you, no matter who you are…” says a voiceover, before listing all of the people BCSC is working for (ie. everyone). After the two employees turn and awkwardly smile at the camera, they are quickly transformed into each of the people identified by the voiceover—from dentists, to firefighters, and even “firefighting piano playing falconers.”

Aside from the long-form video, cut-downs and the display ads focus on each of the four pillars: regulation, oversight, education and enforcement.

“One of the best ways to educate is to entertain while you do it,” One Twenty Three West’s associate creative director, Kyle Waye. “This approach allowed us to do just that—tell people who the BCSC is and what they do, while keeping them entertained and engaged along the way.”

The making of: The agency also credited Alfredo Films for being able to quickly and efficiently create the 11 different “virtual” settings depicted in the long-form video.

“The unique thing about these digital environments is that they’re modular and responsive,” said Waye. “So, we could add or remove elements in real-time, match practical lighting, and shift our perspective in synch with camera moves.”

And we quote: “The BCSC works hard to ensure that the everyday person can invest with confidence… This campaign is all about just that—showing that they’re here for British Columbians.” —Bryan Collins, founder and creative director, One Twenty Three West

David Brown