Canada Goose unveils Harbourfront Centre exhibit, ‘Stitched in Ages’

Canada Goose has unveiled its latest large-scale art installation at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre that takes its inspiration from its “Humannature” platform.

Developed in partnership with multidisciplinary artist Moya Garrison-Msingwana, also known as GANGBOX, “Stitched in Ages,” consists of five seven-foot tall figures made entirely from upcycled Canada Goose fabrics and materials. The exhibit is live until June 26.

According to a release, the installation was born out of Canada Goose and Garrison-Msingwana’s shared values of craftsmanship and sustainability, “reflecting the importance of the human impact on our environment.”

“It felt natural to me to join forces with Canada Goose to create ‘Stitched in Ages,'” said Garrison-Msingwana. “My work mainly focuses on the body and its relationship with the world around it, which is perfectly in line with the brand’s values and purpose to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm.”

The “Humannature” platform unites Canada Goose’s sustainability and values-based initiatives, born out of the belief that to be human is to be part of nature, with everyone having an inherent responsibility to give back, protect the planet, and make an impact.

The platform is being manifested throughout the brand, from corporate social responsibility initiatives, to its product and design, and its influence on culture through the worlds of art and entertainment.

This is the second year that Canada Goose has presented a large-scale installation at Harbourfront Centre. Last year, it partnered with Toronto artist Briony Douglas, on an eight-fall tall installation called “Reborn,” a representation of the earth transitioning from winter to spring.

Chris Powell