Redbarn makes (more) dog dreams come true

Pet food brand Redbarn is turning more doggie dreams into reality in a new wave of advertising under its “Where Dog Dreams Come True” platform.

Running across the U.S. and Ontario, the TV-focused campaign from Toronto agency Juliet follows up last year’s advertising, which debuted in the western U.S. and is credited with significantly boosting both Redbarn’s aided awareness and contributing to a 29% increase in sales.

Like last year, the goal is to help Redbarn stand out in the saturated pet food market by employing emotion in a category that typically leans heavily on products’ functional benefit for its communications.

The new advertising shows Redbarn making dog dreams come true, not only with kibble that has the meats (which constitutes its first five ingredients), but also by creating premium versions of their favourite activity.

That means creating a “Stick Library” for noted stick-returning enthusiast Marble and his doggie friends, and a front yard winter wonderland for Harley, who loves snow days.

“Every dog owner wants their dog to be happy, so we focused on what dogs truly want,” said Juliet creative director Jordan Gladman. “The math is simple: dogs love meat. Redbarn kibble’s first five ingredients are meat. So we’re helping dog dreams come true.”

Apparently, the chewing up the furniture spot will have to wait ’til next year.

Chris Powell