Pizza Pizza has a solution to the pesky mosquito problem

Canadians love being outside as much as possible during the summer, but they loathe the mosquitos.

With the first real long weekend of summer upon us, Pizza Pizza claims to have come up with a quirky solution to the problem: a mosquito repellant pizza.

Developed with its creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, the “Buzz Off Pizza” is topped with garlic, tomatoes, hot peppers, and onions.

According to Pizza Pizza studies, those ingredients naturally repel mosquitos (and perhaps any hope of a romantic connection). They provided us with links to the studies, but honestly, we’ll just take their word for it—we don’t need science to prove an advertising agency can solve a problem that has plagued humanity for centuries.

ZAK and Pizza Pizza have made a habit of fun, playful, buzzy (in a good, non-mosquito way) creative ideas on the “Everyone Deserves Pizza” platform for the past year or so—from a locked in “fixed rate” pricing plan to offset inflationary price hikes, to a paint roller to apply dipping sauce.

“Long weekends are important, and Canadians know firsthand that shooing away mosquitoes can make or break a party” said Adrian Fuoco, Pizza Pizza’s vice-president, marketing, of the latest innovation. “The Buzz Off Pizza is a great way to ensure everyone has a fantastic, pizza-filled long weekend…  except mosquitoes.”

The Buzz Off Pizza is being promoted through a national campaign during the Canada Day long weekend, with paid media handled by Media Experts, and PR by spPR.


David Brown