Nissan can assist with parallel parking—even when your dad is trying to help

After introducing the “Institute of Thrillology” last summer, Nissan and Juniper Park\TBWA have sent their “elite team of Thrillologists” on the road.

A new spot, ”Operation Thrill,” shows a father and daughter out for her first driving lesson, with some of the features of the Nissan Rogue helping her master tough challenges like parallel parking— even as her dad provides confusing hand signals.

One of the strategic objectives of the platform was to demonstrate Nissan’s features and functionality in a unique way. The agency describes this as an “evolution” from the first campaign, while still focusing on “tech, safety and the driving experience.”

“‘Operation Thrill’… looks past the traditional ways vehicle features are shown to instead celebrate the emotions that they truly evoke,” reads a release. “It therefore builds on the Nissan promise of designing vehicles and innovative technologies that deliver thrills at every turn.

“Operation Thrill is a high-octane, energetic build on our previous Thrill campaign, and a wonderful departure from the traditional car ad space,” said Neil Walker-Wells, executive creative director, Juniper Park\TBWA. “By hyperbolizing the everyday adventures and moments you can have thanks to Nissan technology, we’ve created a memorable world for the viewer to engage with. It’s entertainment and enjoyment that delivers a strong brand message.”

The campaign launched July 1 and is running across Canada on TV, online, in social and cinema.

David Brown