Cheetos is back with a whole lotta bull

You mess with the Cheeto, you get the horns. Working with Toronto agency Motive, the PepsiCo Foods Canada snack brand has unveiled a new addition to its stable of statuary, which started with last year’s Cheetle Hand Statue.

The new piece of art-slash-entertainment, which it’s calling the “bucking Cheetos bull,” was introduced at the Calgary Stampede this week.

It’s a Cheeto reimagined as a mechanical bull, which, like the original statue outside of Cheadle, Alta, is held aloft by “cheetle”-covered fingers. Cheetle is the name given to the goopy residue consisting of cornmeal and cheese powder left on people’s fingers whenever they eat the snack.

People were invited to ride the Cheeto, which is housed in The Frito Lay Canada bullpen, for one day at the popular event (fittingly given the rodeo environment, it usually only takes me about eight seconds to snarf down a bag of Cheetos).  

The Frito Lay Canada bullpen is also home to an extensive menu of snack food-inspired items including the Cheetos Was His Name-O cheese pickle dog, the Ruffles Cruncharoo Sandwich, and Yipee Ki Lay’s donuts. No The Good, the Bad and the Funyuns, though.

The original 17-foot tall statue, part of a wave of “statue marketing” featuring work from brands including State Street, Adidas, and Budweiser, is also on site, and the brand has promised that it will reappear this summer. The Cheadle Cheeto recently won a pair of Outdoor Lions in Cannes.

“This Cheeto statue has been creating a lot of attention during setup. So now that we’re actually open, I know that it’s going to be a huge draw,” FritoLay spokesperson Kelly Lannan told LiveWire Calgary. “We had planned to do the Wild Wild Cheetle, which is our bull that’s shaped as a Cheeto… but we thought, how can we have the Cheeto without the Cheetos statue.”

Chris Powell