Moosehead’s new promo is par for the course

Moosehead is driving a literal wedge between golf purists and the game’s more casual fans with a new promotion developed by its agency partner Conflict.

The Fruit Wedge is a cylindrical cooler sleeve that can hold up to six cans of the brewer’s juice-infused Moosehead Radler. It can be worn over the shoulder or stuffed inside a golf bag—hopefully in a more discreet fashion than these coupla dummies—alongside the sand wedge or pitching wedge. The brewer is selling the Fruit Wedge for $16.99 on the Moosehead Beer Shop.

There’s been some debate about whether drinking helps or hinders a golf game, but there’s little doubt that it is a deeply embedded aspect of the sport.

While bringing alcohol onto courses is a no-no, Conflict partner, creative director Niall Kelly, said that the Fruit Wedge is being sold without cans, and social posts promoting it are encouraging golfers to fill it from the clubhouse or from one of the drink carts on the course.

“And while the sleeve is being sold as the summer’s must-have golf accessory, we do hope people use them for more than just that occasion,” he said.

“We know that golfers are always on the lookout for technical innovations to improve their game,” said Karen Cousins, director of marketing for Moosehead Breweries, leaning into the tongue-in-cheek insight. “Hours of research and development have led to this ingenious new club designed to maximize refreshment on every hole—keeping your beer cart beverages cold. This is the secret weapon every player has been waiting for.”

The product launch is being supported by a comedic infomercial-style video running across Facebook and Instagram in which golfers provide testimony about how the Fruit Wedge has transformed their game.

One golfer in the video remembers being caught in a thirst trap and thinking he sees a drink on the horizon, only to realize that it’s a mirage. “What’s great about the fruit wedge is you never hook or shank the approach, but a slice happens,” says the spot’s main spokesperson.

Media for the campaign is by Media Experts, with Craft Public Relations responsible for PR.



Chris Powell