FCB boosts creative leadership with new hires and promotions

FCB has made a number of changes to the senior levels of its creative team, including the hiring of Bobby Martiniello and Gaby Makarewicz as creative directors, and Coleman Mallery as associate CD.

Martiniello and Makarewicz were put together as a creative team at Sid Lee five years ago, working on brands including the Toronto Raptors, Canadian Olympic Committee, Coca-Cola and PC Financial, but have been mostly working as freelancers since early 2020.

“We had been freelancing for quite a while, but when we did a stint at FCB, we realized there is a strong shared interest in brand and relationship building,” said Martiniello in a release.

“At FCB, we are always trying to disrupt the marketplace with innovative ideas, ideas that don’t always look like traditional advertising. That is because we believe that disruptive ideas allow creativity to become an economic multiplier for our clients,” said FCB’s chief creative officer, Nancy Crimi-Lamanna. “After working with Bobby and Gaby, it became apparent they strive for the same type of work, so it became a perfect match.”

Also new to the agency are Mallery as associate creative director, and Natalie Lake as design lead, with the young creative team of An Trinh and Shreyas Karambelkar rounding out the list of new additions. (Top photo, from left: Coleman Mallery, Shreyas Karambelkar, Natalie Lake, An Trinh, Gaby Makarewicz, and Bobby Martiniello.)

The agency has also made a number of internal promotions, including Jennifer Rossini as executive creative director, and Caleb McMullen, Hussein Rumaithi, Cody Sabatine, Joseph Vernuccio all been promoted to associate creative director.

David Brown