Truly paints a unique marketing picture

Who: Truly Hard Seltzer, with Arrivals+Departures for strategy and creative; Momentum for events; Craft for PR; Media Experts for media.

What: “Truly Colours,” a national ad campaign built around paints made from the real fruit contained in each can of the hard seltzer brand. It’s part of Truly’s “Make Space Project”—an effort to find, fund, and create opportunities for Canadian artists (the brand first dabbled in the arts world last year).

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, running throughout the summer across out-of-home, digital video, and paid social on Meta, Snapchat and Reddit.

Why: It’s among several initiatives planned for this year to increase brand awareness and reinforce Truly as a joyful brand with bold flavours, said Allison Zakoor, account director at Arrivals+Departures. Truly is an American brand distributed and marketed by Moosehead Breweries in Canada.

“Since Truly’s launch in Canada a couple years ago, we have continued to reinforce that Truly’s flavour helps you express yours, whether you are a culture consumer or creator,” said Zakoor.

The “Make Space Project” is the result of commissioned research which found that only one-third of Canadian artists are optimistic about their future, with 68% indicating that it’s challenging to find spaces to showcase their work. “[W]e wanted to help to brighten those futures, literally,” said Zakoor. “We wanted to share Truly’s flavour with local artists to help them showcase their own unique flavours.”

How: Arrivals+Departures partnered with boutique paint manufacturer Toronto Ink Company to create a line of six different acrylic paints made from the natural pigments found in Truly’s fruit, which includes berries, cherries, pineapples and mangoes.

The fruits were boiled, freeze-dried, liquified, distilled and transformed into the fragrant paints, which were then packaged into paint tubes labelled with six flavours, along with detailed ingredient information about their “ingredients.” About 90 paint kits were distributed to Canadian artists, many of whom have already created pieces that are being displayed on a digital gallery.

And we quote: “At Truly, we believe that making space for emerging creatives isn’t possible without creating more opportunities for their work to be seen, experienced and enjoyed. Whether it’s in our can or on an artist’s canvas, flavour is what we stand for, and add to the world to make it more vibrant, more interesting and more joyful.” — Julia Glynn, senior brand manager, Moosehead  Breweries

Chris Powell