Walmart wants to be the option when your kid loses his pants

Walmart has joined the back-to-school rush with a new campaign from Cossette built around the insight that getting kids ready for school doesn’t end with the first day back—it’s a year-round proposition.

The anchor creative uses humour to show some of the many reasons parents will have shop for their kids throughout the school year—including one little boy who lost his pants and isn’t the least embarrassed by it—with Walmart’s prices making it the best option.

“Even when we’ve equipped our kids with everything they need, they’re bound to lose, trade, or wear through everything in the blink of an eye—this campaign really leans into that insight,” said Cossette in an email.

“Parents constantly find themselves in need of more school supplies throughout the year, and Walmart’s low prices help them restock as often as necessary.”

The theme of year-round school shopping was used by Walmart in last year’s “Low prices for all the school days” campaign. However, this year’s campaign ends with the online super: “Back to School… Back to Walmart.”

The ads will be running through until September on TV, digital OLV and social media placements. Along with the traditional media, Walmart has been working with a number of digital influencers for short posts on key channels like Instagram and TikTok.

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David Brown