Endy embraces the day

Who: Endy, with The Hive for strategy and creative; Common Good for production (directed by Christo Anesti); with OSO for music; Jungle Media for the TV buy (other media handled in-house by Endy).

What: “Rise to Shine,” a new brand platform for the Sleep Country-owned brand that shows how people can get the most from their day after a great night’s sleep (on an Endy mattress, of course).

When & Where: The campaign is live now, on TV/online video, with digital display, programmatic and out-of-home.

Why: Endy and The Hive wanted to connect with Canadian consumers on a more “meaningful level,” than is typical for the category—to “shake up a sleepy industry,” said Julia Cooper, Endy’s vice-president of marketing. “We felt that now was the perfect moment for Endy to lean into brand storytelling and communicate the emotional benefits of sleeping on Canada’s best mattress.”

Mattress marketing tends to focus on the moments before bedtime, or the features and functions of the mattress and sleep science, explained Dustin Rideout, chief strategy officer at The Hive.

“In our research we found people have a great intention behind a good night sleep, namely to do incredible things with their waking hours,” he said. “Focusing on the desired outcome of their sleep is our way to position the brand with a more intentional role in their lives.”

How: The campaign is anchored by an anthemic 30-second TV spot that opens with a sunrise and people waking up ready for the day ahead.

The ad is narrated by “the day,” who waxes poetic about each day being special and the importance of people making the most of it. “Jump out of bed and face me, rested, ready and focused,” he says. The tone and carpe diem energy is more reminiscent of a gym or other healthy living brand than a mattress ad, and ends with the line: “Don’t just get up. Rise to shine.”

The tagline is a play on “rise and shine,” but with more purpose and ambition, explained Rideout. “These consumers are intentional with how they live their lives, and so we wanted to create an emotional resonance for the brand around this,” he said. “For Endy, it’s about creating a new way for people to feel about the brand, that Endy is the brand that enables me to jump out of bed and surpass myself.”

The anchor TV / OLV video creative is being supported with shorter-form content, but still focused on the brand rather than performance.

“The shorter content is still firmly intended to further build emotional resonance for the brand top of funnel,” said Rideout. “Endy already does a fantastic job with lower funnel performance, and especially influencer marketing. This work is meant to complement that.”

And we quote: “We couldn’t be happier to launch a platform that breaks away from the expected bedtime tropes Canadians are used to seeing… Considering how full Canadians’ lives are these days, we’ve been able to identify and create a meaningful role for the Endy brand.” —Jung Ahn, co-ECD at The Hive


David Brown