Tire dumpers beware: karma’s gonna get you

Tire Stewardship BC is getting animated in its efforts to curb illegal tire dumping, leaning into slightly absurdist humour in an attempt to reach younger audiences.

While previous awareness campaigns from the tire recycling organization have focused on how old tires can be repurposed as everything from arena flooring to running tracks, the new work from Here Be Monsters uses a new humour-driven approach, showing illegal dumpers subjected to the wrath of local wildlife for their actions.

Two 15-second animated spots, “No Dumping” and “Tire Overboard,” show people illegally dumping tires in the woods and the ocean, only to receive payback from the creatures that live there. Animated by Sequence, the two spots use a traffic light colour scheme to show people what they should stop and start doing.

Here Be Monsters creative director Matt Bielby said the goal is to break through with younger audiences raised on shows like Rick and Morty and Family Guy. “Nobody is pining for the next tire recycling message. We know it’s a low-interest category. So we really dialled up the comedy with these videos.”

Stories of illegal tire dumping in BC are not uncommon, with tire dumps providing a breeding ground for rats and mosquitos, while also leeching toxic chemicals into the ground and surrounding water.

“Dumping tires is hazardous, illegal and simply unnecessary,” said Tire Stewardship BC’s executive director Rosemary Sutton. “Our program covers all of BC and our group takes our work very seriously, especially knowing our wildlife and environment depend on us.”

The campaign runs until the fall, with Wirtz Media for media planning and buying.

Chris Powell