Cossette hires Andrea Ogunbadejo to expand in-house production business

A year after creating in-house production brand Magic Circle Workshop by merging Identica and Soda, Cossette has hired production veteran Andrea Ogunbadejo to scale up the business.

Ogunbadejo has a depth of production experience, graduating with a degree in Film Studies from University of Kent, and beginning her career working on independent features, shorts and scripted TV for the BBC, Netflix, Sky, and NBC.

From there she moved to advertising, working at VaynerMedia London, where she oversaw the production department and its in-house, social-first content studio—working for global brands like TikTok, Shell, UNICEF, Kraft Heinz, and Durex. Most recently she was head of production for the New York office of Eleven.

Along with that experience, Cossette hired Ogunbadejo for her ability to bring the right creative and strategic approach to Magic Circle.

Production’s traditional singular focus on execution is changing, said Ogunbadejo. “The lines between entertainment, advertising and social media are blurring, with consumers just wanting compelling and consistent content,” she said. “Production plays a crucial role in that space. We combine our expertise with the emergence of powerful new tools to unlock creativity, which moves at the lightning-fast pace of culture.”

Cossette did not immediately respond to a request for more information about what Ogunbadejo’s hiring will be mean for Magic Circle, but the press release hints at the evolving content needs of a media landscape dominated by new digital and social channels.

“The team is excited about new opportunities to create content at scale, coupling emerging technology with the spirit of filmmaking and storytelling to deliver a brand’s message efficiently,” it said. “Magic Circle Workshop believes there’s no reason why a brand can’t make exciting, high-quality content at pace, especially since audiences are starting to care less about who the messenger is, as long as the content is engaging.”

Cossette also highlighted Ogunbadejo’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, co-leading the DEI committee for VaynerMedia London and acting as the US DE&I chair for Eleven within the Plus Company network.

“Our strength at Cossette is providing an integrated brand experience unlike any other, bringing the same level of passion and expertise to the craft of production as we do to the strategy and creative,” said Kathy McGuire, SVP & GM, Cossette, Toronto.

David Brown