Domino’s ‘sends’ up Canadian slang

Once reserved only for foreign films, subtitles are now being widely used by TV viewers—and younger viewers in particular—who just want to fully understand what the actors are saying.

Domino’s is also mercifully providing subtitles for a new 15-second video spot called “Slang,” in which a man delivers a series of words that seem to make sense individually, but are borderline incomprehensible when heard together.

Created by LG2, the spot features a young man in a denim jacket and checked shirt, delivering a slang-filled spiel about how the chain can quickly and reliably take care of Canadians’ hunger, and ending with the phrase “Just send it, bud” (and “Aweille icitte” in the French version).

According to LG2, the spot is intended to demonstrate how the pizza chain understands Canadians by speaking to them with a “humble, straightforward explanation of their quality service and product.”

(We’re honestly still not clear about the provenance of “Just send it.” It doesn’t seem to be a universally used Canadian expression like “giv’r, although it was once described on the r/OutOfTheLoop subreddit as “pretty old Canadian slang.”)

“We work hard to deliver a quality experience with each and every order, and are so grateful that our customers appreciate it and keep coming back,” said Domino’s CMO Ken Harrison. “We wanted to celebrate being Canada’s favourite pizza in a distinctly Canadian way that would put a smile on people’s faces and reaffirm the Domino’s promise of a hot and fresh pizza, delivered fast, every time.”

Nova Film handled production, with Grayson Music Group for sound and Genuine Media for media.

Chris Powell