Knorr partners with Matty Matheson

Chef turned TV star Matty Matheson is lending his name to yet another food venture, partnering with Knorr on a new Toronto pop-up called Yummy Ks.

The pop-up will operate out of the kitchen of 179 Crawford St., a private residence just steps away from Trinity Bellwoods Park. It is promoting Knorr Taste Combos, a new recipe collection that debuted earlier this year for use in meals that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Yummy Ks will operate from Aug. 10-13, and will offer four menu items made with Knorr ingredients, including a chicken sandwich, chilled chili soba, a hamburger and chicken tacos.

Each item costs $5, with proceeds going to La Tablée des Chefs, a non-profit organization focusing on food recovery initiatives. People can also order the food exclusively on Ritual.

“With Knorr Taste Combos, we’re clearing up the misconception that cooking at home is bland, boring, and time consuming,” said Knorr Canada marketing lead Shagufta Hooda. “By bringing a takeaway joint into a home, we’re showing Canadians they can cook up meals that aren’t fast food, but are sooooo good and sharing delicious inspiration they can try in their own home.”

Matheson, who worked as a chef in Toronto restaurants before moving into media with Vice, has become popular among marketers in recent years, partnering with brands including A&W, and DoorDash. Last year, he and former Toronto Raptors star Fred VanVleet starred in a campaign promoting Harry Rosen’s custom clothing line Harold.

He has also leant his name to a line of cookwear, and last year introduced a workwear brand called Rosa Rugosa. He also has a recurring role as handyman Neil Fak in the buzzy Hulu show The Bear.

“Ordering in is easy but it’s just not as good as home cooking,” said Matheson. “I can make a fire dish at home—better than takeout and save some money —and add that extra flavour with Knorr.”

Chris Powell