Best Buy has your back… to school

Who: Best Buy, with DonerNorth for strategy and creative; Fela for production (directed by Emma Higgins); Married to Giants for post-production; The Vanity and Wingman for VFX; Grayson Matthews for audio (including original music); and OMD for media.

What: “We have your back,” a new back-to-school campaign that shows how the electronics retailer and its famous Blue Shirt employees have the necessary tech solutions and advice to ensure a successful school year.

When & Where: The campaign launched July 28 across TV, online video, and social.

Why: Like a lot of retailers this year, Best Buy was cognizant of cost concerns when shaping its BTS campaign.

“We know consumers will be looking for value this year, and our sales events will definitely offer great deals. But we also know that customers are looking for value beyond just price,” said director of marketing James Pelletier. “Our Blue Shirts provide the kind of advice that translates into the best value for your purchase. They can recommend the right tech that best meets everyone’s individual needs and budget.”

How: The anchor TV spot shows one of its Blue Shirts checking out a young college-aged customer in-store, but then magically appearing throughout the school year with just the right technology to handle specific challenges: a tablet to help learn in the lab, noise-cancelling headphones to block out rowdy roommates when he’s trying to study, and a phone to call mom when he needs cooking help.

“Blue Shirts are there for Best Buy’s customers, whether they need something specific for class, their dorm or wherever they find themselves facing a new challenge that tech can help them overcome,” said Jill Mack, creative director at DonerNorth. “This campaign is a playful reminder of that.”

David Brown