How OLG can make you rich enough to splurge on the guac

Who: Ontario Lottery and Gaming, with Taxi for strategy and creative, and EssenceMediaCom for media.

What: “Thousandaires,” a playful new campaign for OLG’s Cash for Life instant lottery that celebrates how winning $1,000 a week for life can mean a lifestyle upgrade through small indulgences.

When & Where: The campaign is live now, running across TV, online video, and social, as well as out of home.

Why: Society as a whole is obsessed with millionaires and billionaires, and lottery advertising tends to be similarly focused on making people wealthy in an instant. Cash for Life is not that, but $1,000 a week for life can still have a big impact, and OLG wanted a campaign to celebrate that.

“We wanted to show the exciting possibilities when you win with the ‘Cash For Life’ instant ticket,” said Maxine Chapman, VP brand and marketing officer at OLG. “This campaign celebrates the joy of simple pleasures, and how the ‘thousandaire’ lifestyle can make a difference in our everyday lives.”

How: A series of short ads that open with a typical lottery trope of characters talking about how their life has been changed by winning. The humorous twist comes when the characters reveal that their lives have changed in a small-pleasures kind of way—treating yourself to the guacamole, sponsoring a bowling team, or paying for the roomier exit-aisle seats on a crowded flight.

“We wanted the work for Cash For Life to reflect the fun of winning a thousand dollars a week for life and Thousandaires really hit the mark,” said Frank Macera, Taxi’s executive creative director. “Thousandaires is all about what you would do and the fun you would have if you had enough of a financial cushion that you could enjoy small indulgences every week.”

And we quote: “It’s not about the dream of owning private jet. It’s the dream of flying exit row for extra legroom or getting that extra guac without a second thought dreams everyone can identify with and hopefully get a smile out of.” —Sasha Ortega, associate creative director, Taxi.

David Brown