Orthotics Direct gets its foot in the DTC door

Who: Direct-to-consumer orthotics brand Orthotics Direct, with Open for strategy and creative; Fuel Growth for media.

What: A campaign promoting Orthotics Direct’s recent rebrand as a DTC company capable of delivering quality orthotics for half the price, in half the time.

When & Where: The campaign is running across digital and social in the U.S., with the Canadian launch slated for fall.

Why: Open partner Martin Beauvais likens Orthotics Direct to other disruptor brands like Warby Parker and Smile Direct Club, both of which have shaken up their respective categories since launching in the past 10 years or so.

Orthotics Direct is attempting to become a disruptor in a category that has traditionally been both cost-prohibitive and prescription-directed.

As part of the rebrand by Open, the campaign is showing how Orthotics Direct can “democratize” foot care by creating custom orthotics products for significantly less than its competitors.

Hamilton, Ont. podiatrist Paul Smith launched his company as Atlas Orthotics more than 20 years ago, before switching to a DTC model and adopting the name Orthotics Direct.

Open acquired an ownership stake in Orthotics Direct through its investment arm, Alchemy. It is the fourth investment for the “venture creative company,” which takes equity in exchange for creative services. It joins the CBD wellness brand Yesterday, the luxury waterside brand Beau Lake, and Damiva, an all-natural pharmaceutical company that specializes in products for pre-menopausal and menopausal women.

How: The campaign’s focus is on the simplicity and cost of Orthotics Direct compared to its traditional counterparts. Open’s director of client services Anne Ngo, describes the campaign’s tone of voice as “straightforward with a smile.”

The creative is a simple marriage of the company’s products with headlines that play off key brand attributes like cost and comfort, such as “Foot half the bill,” “They fit like a glove. A glove for your foot,” and “Raise your foot if you’re overpaying for orthotics.”

And we quote: “Orthotics Direct is simpler, faster and half the price, the brand needed to reflect that. The tone of voice is simple, adult-to-adult with a side of playfulness.” — Martin Beavais, partner, Open

Chris Powell