Capital One Canada holds up a mirror to Canadians

Who: Capital One Canada, with Anomaly for strategy and creative; Untitled Films for production (Aleysa Young directing); FleishmanHillard HighRoad’s DEI practice MOSAIC for PR; Jungle Media for media.

What: A campaign under the “You’ve Got This, We’ve Got You” brand platform launched last year. The campaign’s TV component is notable for reflecting the brand’s new commitment to elevating underrepresented talent in the country’s production industry.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, led by a 30-second spot called “Anthem” that is running across YouTube, connected TV and social. It is being supported by radio, digital and out-of-home.

Why: When it introduced the platform last year, Capital One said the intent was to show that it understands the challenges, hopes and dreams of Canadians who are attempting to build or rebuild credit, with women’s financial wellbeing a key area of focus.

“We know that women are disproportionately impacted by the stress of economic uncertainty and face deep, complex barriers that permeate their lives; the support they need to tackle these barriers is vast,” said Capital One’s senior brand manager, Jessica Rosin.

With this campaign, the goal is to “inspire optimism” and keep Canadians motivated as they pursue their financial goals, while also “demonstrating belief in their potential for credit success,” said Rosin. “We understand that every Canadian is unique with a different lived experience, each on their own financial journey, and we believe credit has an important role on the path to financial well-being,” she said. “Everyone deserves to have someone in their corner, to help unlock opportunities and reach their goals.”

How: The TV spot takes what Rosin describes as a “self-pep-talk” approach to demonstrate how Canadians can succeed with credit and work towards achieving their financial goals, thanks to their belief in themselves and Capital One’s belief in them.

It opens on several people all talking directly to camera, explaining that “you’ve” been working hard and making big moves, and earned some credit with Capital One. The spot reveals that they have all been talking to themselves in a mirror, and concludes with a woman going to rent an apartment—”Yeah, you’ve got this,” says a supportive friend.

The diversity pledge: The spot’s creation ties into Capital One’s commitment that at least two-thirds of directors included in the bidding process, and 60% of hired crew in key production roles, be women or non-binary individuals.

“Production in Canada tends to be a traditionally male-dominated industry and we wanted to do our part to create more opportunities for underrepresented women and non-binary talent in production roles,” said Rosin.

The company had two production crews for this campaign, one comprised of 80% women in key production roles, and the other consisting of 71% women, both with women directors.

“We also included two up-and-coming women to shadow our director and producer on set to allow them more opportunities for growth,” said Rosin. “Overall, we’re thrilled that the pledge has driven meaningful shifts in the right direction—while surpassing our 60% goal—as it relates to representation and showcasing our belief in women and non-binary talent.”

And we quote: “It was great working with a client who is so considerate when it comes to hiring both in front and behind the camera. It was clear that there was a conscious effort to ensure the cast and crew was as talented as they were reflective of Canada as a whole. It made for a production that felt thoughtful, collaborative, and fun from the top down.” — Aleysa Young, director

Chris Powell