Plus Company has a new Visionnaire for multicultural marketing

Plus Company has rebranded its long-time multicultural marketing agency Koo Multicultural as Visionnaire, including a new visual identity.

Plus, which is parent to Cossette, We Are Social, Camp Jefferson, Citizen Relations and others, said the move is intended to show its ambition of being the top diversity agency and consultancy in Canada, by “recognizing and celebrating consumers from different communities throughout Canada.”

Visionnaire clients include Google Pixel, Egg Farmers of Canada, Walmart and PepsiCo.

“We’re very proud to have a corporate identity that strongly aligns with our values. The face of Canada is changing fast. The joy of true inclusion is central to what Visionnaire stands for,” said Jessica Borges, Vice-President, Business Lead at Visionnaire. “We strive to put diversity at the heart of every brief, because if you’re not talking to diverse Canadians, you’re not talking to Canada.”

“Diversity and inclusion are very much taken for granted, and we can always count on its team to guide not just meaningful brands, but our own employees as well,” said Mélanie Dunn, President of Plus Company Canada. “Through lived experiences, they can better steer brands in their journey to reach Canadians, while also fostering change and growth for all parties involved.”

David Brown