KAL Tires measures happiness in KALometres

Who: Kal Tire, with One Twenty Three West for strategy and creative (Rob Tarry directing); Post Pro Media for post-production; Wave Production for audio; Barlow Media for media.

What: “KALometre,” a campaign using real customers to talk about how far they’ve travelled on Kal tires—a distance measured in “KALometres.”

When & Where: The campaign is live now, running across TV, online video and social, as well as digital billboards.

Why: After its recent expansion to Ottawa and Atlantic Canada, this campaign helps reinforce Kal Tire’s brand’s promise to deliver a stress-free experience and high levels of customer service for car owners. KALometres is a playful way to measure the company’s commitment to making its customers happy.

“We like to say the KALometre campaign is proof,” said Greg Waring, VP of marketing at Kal Tire. “It’s a direct reflection of our commitment to customer happiness.

“Many Canadians think tires and tire services are simple – but when it comes time to buy, deep down they’re a symbol of safety and trust.” “So

How: The campaign is anchored by a 30-second hero spot showing four happy Kal customers, while a narrator explains how they measure happiness with KALometres. “It tells us how long these customers have been happily driving on KAL tires,” he says. “Keeping you happy, it’s how we roll,” he says to close the spot.

The four people featured in the anchor spot also star in standalone 30-second testimonials, where they tell their own story and explain why they are so happy with Kal Tire.

“[W]e didn’t want to make another boastful campaign telling people what makes us different, we wanted to show real proof with real customers and their real-world experience,” said Waring.

David Brown