Ontario delivers a colourful invitation for fall tourists

Who: Destination Ontario, with Broken Heart Love Affair for strategy and creative; Revolver for production (directed by Scott Cudmore); post-production by Saints Editorial and Studio Feather; sound by Oso Audio; media by Initiative.

What: “Fall Deeply in Colour,” a new campaign to attract fall tourists from New York and Chicago. It’s the first campaign in the two key markets since the pandemic, and the first major campaign for BHLA since winning the business.

When & Where: The campaign launched earlier this summer, running across online video, cinema and social, along with out of home specifically in Chicago.

Why: The original brief asked BHLA to show how Ontario is at its best in the fall, “how it comes alive in the crescendo of the seasons,” said BHLA creative director Jordan Hamer.

But because the target is coming from two urbane markets in Chicago and New York, the campaign showcases both the urban attractions of fine dining and cultural experiences, and the natural beauty of the outdoors—including Niagara Falls, and the vibrant fall foliage that explodes across the province this time of year.

“We wanted to show a balance of big city and beautiful country together, based on the interests of our target,” said Hamer.

How: The video spot opens with a fashionable middle-aged couple arriving at Toronto’s Island Airport. After first taking in the city view, the ad delivers a quick-cut montage of Ontario experiences and destinations, all infused with rich colours, from the red glow of a fine dining restaurant, to the bright blues of a Lawren Harris painting.

“We’ve taken the colours of the season and spread them throughout every scene as a metaphor for the amazing variety of things to do, and for the vivid emotions you can experience here,” said Hamer.

That metaphor is extended to the vibrant outfits of the two main tourists/actors—oranges, reds, yellows and greens—in every scene.

“Beyond the actual experiences shown, the film is really about the emotions the couple experience throughout their trip,” said Hamer. “So we chose to use the colour of their wardrobe to reflect those emotions.”

“They’re often in a similar colour to one another to illustrate their connection, and influenced by the colour palette of each scene to show how every experience has an effect on you.”

David Brown